WOMENS ISSUES: PM Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand Responds with Empathy to Christchurch Terrorism

As the world continues to mourn the hateful terrorist attack by a white supremacist on innocent Mosque-goers last week, some bright spots have emerged to light our darkness. One of the most shining moments for many of us has been coming to know the outstanding woman leader, Jacinda Ardern.

Only 37, she is currently the youngest woman to lead a nation in our world, even giving birth while in office and bringing her baby with her to various events. Sensible and down-to-earth, “Jacindamania” hardly seems like it would have formed around this normal, intelligent, and decend woman! She is remarkable in precisely her normalcy: she shows the kinds of emotional intelligence and keen insight that so many women embody in their daily lives.

Her response to terrorism is a key example of this, womanly courage and determination. She has not only vowed to never speak the name of the White Supremacist murderer from Australia, but she embodies the many ethnicities and languages of her country by her outreach to all her peoples. She met with survivors and mourners of the Mosque massacres wearing a hijab…and act of empathy and caring that she embraced wholly. All of us with Muslim friends know that they do not expect nonMuslims to follow their customs. The act of covering her head was not forced upon Prime Minister Ardvern; it did not reflect obeisance, only common humanity in a time of trial!

Well done, Prime Minister! You give us courage and challenge us to embody compassionate womanhood in a public world, and we are grateful.

Read more about Jacinda’s story here!

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