Get Paid What You’re Worth!

getting paid

Did you know there is an art to getting paid what you are worth–and most women don’t know how to pick up that paint brush!! Learn more about how you can make more money just by learnng a few strategies and tips. After all, why should the guy you trained be making more than you do? Follow Lilyline’s guide to negotiation and you may be surprised at what you can accomplish!

… the assumption that women aren’t asking for better salaries has been challenged. Studies have shown that women do ask for more money; they just don’t get it at the same rates as men do.
That’s disheartening. But, as Otegha Uwagba, who writes about women and money, told The Lily, that doesn’t mean women should stop asking. Far from it. She says it’s essential that women keep urging managers to compensate them fairly.

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