LEADING GIRLS Start a Feminist Bookclub with Online Guides!

A Girl With a Book is a scary thing in some parts of the world, did you know? That’s what Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai says in praise of education for girls! Sometimes its very clear that the Powers That Be are afraid that girls and women will ‘weaponize’ knowledge and demand their rights. And, so should they be! For girls in difficult situations, a library can be their salvation: I grew up in a very poor area, but once I discovered the Public Library, my world changed. Emily Dickinson, the great American poet from Amherst, MA, wrote of this in her little hymn to books:

Naval Frigate

There is no frigate like a book

To take us Lands away…

Emily Dickinson 1873

READING is not something we normally think of as revolutionary, but it certainly is: masters didn’t want their slaves learning how to read, and for centuries, education for girls did not exist, or consisted largely of the mastery of domestic chores. In the Western world, we tend to take equal opportunities for education for granted, but we must not. They were hard won by our Foremothers, and we need to pass on the passion for storytelling, making poetry, drama, and history accessible through the age-old tech of letters! But there’s plenty of help around to guide you through the process of choosing books worthy of your friendship, and sharing them with your friends or group.

Check out the Bookclub Page on Facebook from FembotMagazine, an online site for women that is devoted to female “Intersectionality”–all the ways that race, class, gender, region, age, and health come together to shape opportunities and views of self-worth for women and girls. Or you can head off to A Mighty Girl Book Club for feminist and girl-centered book selections for all ages. The page for 14-and-up girls has everything from dragons to midwives and biographies!

Enjoy your trip!!

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