WOMENS ISSUES BLACK HOLES: Dr. Katie Bouman of MIT, Magnificence and Misogyny

Black Hole

For one hundred years, scientists starting Einstein, have predicated the existence of “Black Holes” (seen above in first picture ever!), a cosmic conundrum where all light and matter disappear into a well of gravity so powerful nothing can escape it.

Well, now, thanks to Dr. Katie Bouman of MIT and her interdisciplinary team, we can actually SEE what before was only theory! Here’s the pic Katie posted on her Twitter account as the many data streams collected to make the picture came into focus:

First look as the Black Hole photo comes into Focus

[MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab] compared Bouman’s creation to the research that enabled astronauts to land on the moon by placing an image of Margaret Hamilton alongside Bouman. Hamilton, who was also an MIT scientist, was credited with writing the crucial software code that allowed NASA to make a mission to the moon possible.

MIT Professor Margaret Hamilton’s Stacks of Code for the Apollo Mission
MIT News

So, you would think the world would be celebrating the outstanding achievements of both of these extraordinary scientists in a field dominated by men, wouldn’t you?

Margaret Hamilton Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama
Image: BBC.com

The Magnificence of women’s achievements in advancing humanity’s understanding of the cosmos, however, has incited a storm of misogyny, reminiscent of GamerGate and other evidence of hostility to women in fields of technology.

Although Katie had also posted pics of her with the entire team that worked on the Black Hole imagery, she was immediately attacked on right-wing misogynist social media for hogging all the attention, and taking credit for (rightfully) Male Achievements.

MIT CS-AIL Team on Black Hole Project
Posted on Bouman’s FB page on April 10, 2019

No one algorithm or person made this image, it required the amazing talent of a team of scientists from around the globe and years of hard work to develop the instrument, data processing, imaging methods, and analysis techniques that were necessary to pull off this seemingly impossible feat. 

Katie Bouman, on the Black Hole Team
FB Page, April 10, 2019

Although other scientists have rushed to correct this impression, including the gay man credited with Katie’s work by the Incel Inquisition on Reddit, this has done nothing to abate the trolling of Dr. Bouman.

Apparently, the Black Hole of men’s hatred for women’s full personhood and accomplishments continues to suck all light out of the self-imposed prison of hatred that misogynists inhabit.

Too bad for them: #BecauseScience !

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