The Niceness Trap

Activist Greta Thunberg’s fierce, outraged speech at the UN Climate event this week showed the POWER and GLORY of a plain-speaking child addressing a gaggle of naked Emperors. Without a profane word or a footnote, a prevarication or stumble, she articulated the world’s unwillingness to address our mass extinction event.

Brava, Greta! You are speaking for Earth.

The barrage of attacks, doxxing, and trolling that Greta has had to endure–bullying by a national leader!–have not silenced her, however. This is no time to pay attention to the noise of madding crowd, or to bow to the stereotypes that insist women and girls should be nice!

There is a reason men resort to calling women “nasty” or suggest we’re unpleasant when we try to hold them to account: They believe it’s a conversation ender. If we’re not sufficiently pleasing or deferential, we’re not really worthy of listening to..”
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