SPECIAL TRANSGENDER ISSUE! Medieval Feminist Forum: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality | Vol 55 | No. 1

Wow! Things are certainly changing in Medieval Studies, thanks to the intersectional approaches of scholars formerly excluded from the field.

“WHY would a Muslim (African/ Woman/ American/ Asian/ handicapped/ LGBTIQ/ etc.) want to study the Middle Ages in N. Europe? Weird!”, such scholars often hear when they present themselves in graduate studies or at conferences with their new methods and data!

Luckily for non-experts, facts derived from deep research, archaeology and iconography resist the burial of the truths of all our origins. The presence of diversity of all kinds is successfully contesting the notion that studies of Europe’s history is an all-white, male-only enclave.

Medieval Europe was diverse in populations, faith, culture and gender identities. Viking males farmed, just like everyone else, and women contested patriarchy in myriad ways. People traveled, learned from other cultures, and settled in countries not their own. Trade flourished as did formal studies and beginnings of mechanization of crafts. Together, all communities struggled to move forward, and large population movements of crusade or migration guaranteed a lively mixture of contacts.

Well, duh!

Go, savor the pleasures of scholarship cracked open wide, and hence, able to inform our own present, in this wonderful issue below considering questions of gender fluidity in the past, and ENJOY! Such things did not used to exist!

Medieval Feminist Forum: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality | Vol 55 | No. 1
— Read on ir.uiowa.edu/mff/vol55/iss1/

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