Palestinian Women Farmers Turn Renewable Agricultural Waste Into Energy and Family Income!

African Women Farmers Create Mermaid Art Image from #WOMENSART @WomanArt1 . For more wonderful images check blog at

You might be thinking that rural women, women living under occupation, or in dreadful circumstances, really can’t make any impact on our global climate emergency—and why would,they even want to, given all they are going through? Isn’t taking our Mass Extinction seriously just. Western fad for young people, anyway?

Think again!

Everyone is in the struggle to help our planet survive, even as we face our daily struggles. Thanks to the United Nations Development Programme, some women farmers in Gaza, learned how to turn an environmental problem–large amounts of waste from agriculture causing environmental degradation–into a source of income for struggling farms. Read their story below:

Agricultural Waste Turns Into Income |UNDP in Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People

After my father passed away, I had to work in our land to support my family. We plant vegetables and other products. We produce so much waste and we used to throw it out or burn it in open spaces.” Yasmeen, who is the breadwinner for her 13 family members, explains.
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