“Speaking Truth to Nonsense: Women are doing the “heavy lifting” in calling government to account”

Whether it’s “Moms Demand Action” or “Yes, We Code”, or the class of professional women in government we have come to know through televised events—Prosecutors, Judges, Ambassadors, Accountants, Attorneys, Assistants, Fact Witnesses, or elected officials—we are seeing everywhere that women are refusing to sit down and shut up.

If anything, crises ranging from Climate Emergency to the US Constitution’s insistence that “no one is above the Law”, are causing women and girls Stand Up And Call Out”.

We may feel, as the article from Slate suggests, that we have very little power or influence as we face the increasing loss of protections of our rights. In a world where State Legislatures tell doctors to “reimplant ectopic pregnancies” into women who have miscarried—both dangerous and impossible—it’s hard not to feel vulnerable and queasy.

We all need to step and speak with firm solidarity with women who are challenging 5he status quo, so please read on to be aware of the pitfalls and necessities of being a woman in a world at risk!

BUT. Our minds, hearts, lungs and vocal cords are working just fine, as our sisters from Greta Thunberg to Sally Yates have proved. While their brothers cower in fear of science, medicine and mean tweets, women are stepping forward and providing us with powerful, dignified portraits of implacable female leadership.

“The Women Who Speak Up”, Slate.com


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