Court Win on Reproductive Access!

Reporting today on Nov. 7, 2019 finally contains some good news for women! A Federal Judge in NY has struck down the Trump Administration's so-called "Conscience" Law which allowed medical professionals to deny reproductive care to women on the basis of the provider's religious beliefs. “Today’s decision is an important victory against the Trump Administration’s … Continue reading Court Win on Reproductive Access!

END 🔴 Period Poverty! The MANIFESTO

Yes, you CAN do something to fight period poverty (inability to purchase menstrual products), which causes women to choose between food and hygiene, or stay home from work or school. We can change this! Sign Period Project’s Manifesto! Nadya Okamoto founded the nonprofit Period—a youth-led “menstrual movement” dedicated to improving access to period products—when … Continue reading END 🔴 Period Poverty! The MANIFESTO

🔴 WORLD PERIOD DAY| PERIOD SHAMING: Do You Know It’s Costs Worldwide?

Around the world, the costs of menstruation are anything but trivial. Women and girls are often shamed, debased, bullied and excluded during menstruation, and poverty poses a special humiliation. United Nations Recommendations The Curse. Aunt Flow. Red Alert. On the Rag—What’s the Problem with Female Functions? Some folks might think the “cost” of shaming women … Continue reading 🔴 WORLD PERIOD DAY| PERIOD SHAMING: Do You Know It’s Costs Worldwide?

Happy International Day of the Girl, 2019! Ask “Are You More Than a Body?”

Are You More Than A Body? Lots of people seem to think that girls and women are defined, and only valued, by their physical sexual characteristics. This view is embedded in most cultures at a very deep level, both in terms of concrete social practices (veiling, enforced modesty codes, segregation) and within the psyches of … Continue reading Happy International Day of the Girl, 2019! Ask “Are You More Than a Body?”

BODIES! When Change is NOT Your Friend…

Time is running out! Change is one of those ambivalent features of human life. Like it or not, we will all encounter it. Embodiment Means Change As an embodied creature living on a linear timeline, with significant cyclical ‘repeats’, some change seems lovely—another spring! Another holiday! Another phase of the moon!  But other changes are … Continue reading BODIES! When Change is NOT Your Friend…

GIRLS HEALTH: Get Happy with Your Body!

Sometimes, nothing can make you feel worse than looking at the mirror.  Society has high standards for all its females, but someone whose body is in the process of changing (puberty) or worse, not changing, to meet the standards of hypothetical beauty can scorch away any self esteem.So, if you worry about how much you eat, how … Continue reading GIRLS HEALTH: Get Happy with Your Body!


Musee D'Orsay Clock

Usually, the daily events of keep us so busy it's hard to keep up with the "Big Picture". By the time something makes it to the front page, the radio, or hashtag, things may already--in fact probably---have reached a critical state that has the power to reach into your daily life. The Word is out! … Continue reading LEADERSHIP: THE WORD IS OUT!

GIRLS: Are You OK?

Taking the Healthy Road

Do you need help?  What kind? Recent studies suggest that matching the circumstances of the client to those of the therapist has a big impact on the success of therapeutic models of help. That is, a black teen will get better results when her therapist is black; a lesbian will do better with a lesbian … Continue reading GIRLS: Are You OK?