GIRLS HEALTH: Get Happy with Your Body!

Sometimes, nothing can make you feel worse than looking at the mirror.  Society has high standards for all its females, but someone whose body is in the process of changing (puberty) or worse, not changing, to meet the standards of hypothetical beauty can scorch away any self esteem.So, if you worry about how much you eat, how … Continue reading GIRLS HEALTH: Get Happy with Your Body!


Musee D'Orsay Clock

Usually, the daily events of keep us so busy it's hard to keep up with the "Big Picture". By the time something makes it to the front page, the radio, or hashtag, things may already--in fact probably---have reached a critical state that has the power to reach into your daily life. The Word is out! … Continue reading LEADERSHIP: THE WORD IS OUT!

GIRLS: Are You OK?

Taking the Healthy Road

Do you need help?  What kind? Recent studies suggest that matching the circumstances of the client to those of the therapist has a big impact on the success of therapeutic models of help. That is, a black teen will get better results when her therapist is black; a lesbian will do better with a lesbian … Continue reading GIRLS: Are You OK?