END 🔴 Period Poverty! The MANIFESTO

Yes, you CAN do something to fight period poverty (inability to purchase menstrual products), which causes women to choose between food and hygiene, or stay home from work or school. We can change this! Sign Period Project’s Manifesto! https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/endperiodpoverty Nadya Okamoto founded the nonprofit Period—a youth-led “menstrual movement” dedicated to improving access to period products—when … Continue reading END 🔴 Period Poverty! The MANIFESTO

Are YOU Paying a Period 🔴 Tax in Your State?

getting paid

Candy in vending machines is tax free; necessities for female hygiene? Not so much! Check out your state, and see what you can do to address this discrimination that “bleeds” women monthly... https://www.marieclaire.com/politics/a29490059/tampon-tax-state-guide/

COOPER, Anna Julia – African American Slave Received Doctorate from Sorbonne for Her Work on Race

COOPER, Anna Julia – Did you know this woman, born into to slavery, was one of the first leaders in analyses of the ethics of slavery? Read about her on GLOBAL SOCIAL THEORY — Read on globalsocialtheory.org/thinkers/cooper-anna-julia/

The Niceness Trap

Activist Greta Thunberg's fierce, outraged speech at the UN Climate event this week showed the POWER and GLORY of a plain-speaking child addressing a gaggle of naked Emperors. Without a profane word or a footnote, a prevarication or stumble, she articulated the world's unwillingness to address our mass extinction event. Brava, Greta! You are speaking … Continue reading The Niceness Trap

The Kandakas of Sudan: A Biblical-Islamic Queen Inspires Modern Day Women

Sudanese protester Alaa Salah urges on crowd during Sudan uprising Alaa Salah by Lana H. Haroun (@lana_hago) You may not have ever heard the word "Kandaka" before until this past year of protests and government overthrow in Sudan. Even now, this name for Nubian Queens, or "strong women" may not be familiar to you, unless … Continue reading The Kandakas of Sudan: A Biblical-Islamic Queen Inspires Modern Day Women

Nazis at the Renaissance Fair: Get Woke on Medieval Appropriation for Hate

The idea of the Vikings as a marauding culture of pillage and rape, all homogeneous white males of a berserker temperament, was, of course, romantic and alluring to the losers of World War II.

Mona Eltahawy: Civility Will Not Overturn the Patriarchy | Literary Hub

Eltahawy's new book, Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls, unmasks the power of refusing to "Be Nice", as she shows how polite civility suppresses women's voices against oppression. She brings insights from global female activism that illustrate the power of reclaiming verbal outrage.  Mona Eltahawy argues for the power of female profanity as she mines … Continue reading Mona Eltahawy: Civility Will Not Overturn the Patriarchy | Literary Hub

Women: A Mother’s Story

Here, from images in Twitter from the wonderful folks sharing medieval and women's history in art, is something of a visual fairy tale...and the women lived happily ever after, as the Bible would say, "troubled by violent men no more..." https://videopress.com/v/KBi76e6R A Mother's Story: Medieval Women and Morefrom Twitter