LEADING GIRLS Start a Feminist Bookclub with Online Guides!

A Girl With a Book is a scary thing in some parts of the world, did you know? That's what Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai says in praise of education for girls! Sometimes its very clear that the Powers That Be are afraid that girls and women will 'weaponize' knowledge and demand their rights. And, … Continue reading LEADING GIRLS Start a Feminist Bookclub with Online Guides!

Slay Those Trolls IRL, Ladies!

Being careful online when using Social Media is a priority for everyone these days, but most especially girls and women! WHAT SHOULD YOU DO if you find yourself in a strange, unpleasant or frightening situation on line? "Everyone, including women should be safe online. The United Nations has recognised internet access as a human right. … Continue reading Slay Those Trolls IRL, Ladies!

Get Paid What You’re Worth!

getting paid

Did you know there is an art to getting paid what you are worth--and most women don't know how to pick up that paint brush!! Learn more about how you can make more money just by learnng a few strategies and tips. After all, why should the guy you trained be making more than you … Continue reading Get Paid What You’re Worth!