🔴 WORLD PERIOD DAY| PERIOD SHAMING: Do You Know It’s Costs Worldwide?

Around the world, the costs of menstruation are anything but trivial. Women and girls are often shamed, debased, bullied and excluded during menstruation, and poverty poses a special humiliation.

United Nations Recommendations

The Curse. Aunt Flow. Red Alert. On the Rag—What’s the Problem with Female Functions?

Some folks might think the “cost” of shaming women and girls who are having their periods amounts to little more than giving up salty snacks for a few days, and taking a couple of analgesics when the discomfort edges into pain territory. Perhaps there is fear of some embarrassment when excusing yourself from class or work in order to see to your hygiene needs. And if that’s all the trouble you have, you are very lucky indeed!

Let’s put an end to this bullying!


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